Tuesday, September 16, 2008


From now, i will use english in my blog writing. it is because i want to improve my english. My english is not very good, so by this way, hopefully i can improve my english. To anybody who read my posting, please comment about my writing. so that i know where are wrong and right. To my sweety candy, dont laugh if i'm wrong ok?... hehe. That all for my first posting in english. Salam.

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natasha said...

From now on,i will use English in my blogs,because i wanted to improve my English.My English is poor.I hope that i can improve my English by writing blogs with English language.To anyone who read my post,please leave a comment about my grammar.So that i know where my errors are.To my sweet candy,please don't laugh at my errors okay?
hehe...that's all for my first post in English language.Salam.

P/s:sya pun tgah m'perbaiki tatabahasa inggeris,so kalau ada salah tolong m'perbetulkan.hehehe :)